AIRFILL Round Body Filters

AIRFILL brand filters provide a filtering area between 6m² to 36m² and are produced with body diameters of 400mm, 600mm, 800mm.


AIRFILL filters comprises of;

·  Jet-pulse cleaning system

·  Stainless steel body and weather protection cover

·  Cartridge type filter element

·  Easy-to-reach external control panel

·  Silo mounting flange as standard.

In addition;

·  Stainless steel seal frame 

·  Stainless steel silo flanges, 

·  0,75kW to 2,2kW fan on filter

·  Hopper units and similar options are available.

Fan applications are used for directing the dust in the air towards the filter and holding the dust on the filter element during this passage and discharging clean air into the atmosphere.

Fans can be used either on top of the filter or on the side with a frame. In both applications, if the fan aspiration is too high, it is possible to decrease the flow (filtering speed) by closing the fan outlet.

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