Butterfly Valves

Valves are used for discharging and/or controlling the flow of bulk solid materials inside channels. 


OZB valves can be used in silos, hoppers, weighing hoppers, inlet and outlet of screw conveyors and other similar applications. 

OZB butterfly valves are designed as single or double flange types and are supplied with patented o-ring channel and seal for maximum impermeability.

Single flange butterfly valves are designed for use with flexible bellows and similar connections.

Double flange butterfly valves have the same upper and lower flanges and are designed to be used in systems that have fixed connection with each other.

Butterfly valves are available from 100mm to 400mm diameter. 


BV.F…NN: With EPDM disc

BV.F…AF: With stainless steel disc valves are available.

The maximum working pressure is 0.2 bars and the maximum working temperature is designated at 120°C.


These are mostly used as manual exit valves for silos with cement, gypsum, building chemicals and similar bulk solids.

·     BV2FF model: Double flange, upper flange square, lower flange round.

·     BV1FF model: Single flange, upper flange square, lower without flange for sleeve connection.

BVFF type butterfly valves are available in 250mm and 300mm diameter. 

Butterfly valves can be used with manual or pneumatic actuators as needed.

For BVFF type butterfly valves only manual actuator is available.

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