Capacitive Type

Moisture sensors (Moisture Probes) have a wide range of application mainly in concrete plants, prefabricated building materials, glass, cast factories, food, ceramics and animal feed industries.

Moisture probes are supplied as capacitive, microwave and HPR (High Frequency Polar Reflective) types, together with their indicators.


24VDC±10% voltage power supply is required. The signal output is either between 0-20mA or 4-20mA range. 

The moisture probe can be connected directly to the control unit, without any need for additional signal or display units.

2 types of capacitive moisture probes are offered.

MPV: Adjustable flange 

MPM: Mixer probe

MP1: Fixed flange 

MPA: Arm mounted 

MPH: Suitable for 190°C temperature

MPV Adjustable Flange Probe

It is an adjustable flange probe for universal applications. It is also suitable for thick wall situations. It can be mounted on top of conveyor belts to measure the moisture of materials passing.

MPM Mixer Probe

It is designed for rough environments and used in mixer applications. It has additional abrasion protection by the help of 8mm thick replaceable reinforcing tube and 10mm thick ceramic measuring surface.

MP1 Disc Probe

It is used for universal applications. The installation depth is fixed at 9mm without abrasion protection or 11mm with abrasion protection.

MPA Arm Mounted Probe

It is an arm mounted probe suitable for silo applications. The standard arm lengths are 200mm, 500mm and 1000mm.

MPH High Temperature Probe

It is a high temperature probe withstanding up to +190°C at the measuring head. Maximum ambient temperature at the backside electronics is +80°C.

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