Contaminated Liquids Recycling System

CLR-S is designed to contribute to sustainable concrete production and create “Green Plants” by complete utilization of the waste water in batching plants.


"Our natural resources diminish each day due to changing consumption habits and increasing of the World's population. Therefore, it has become vital to reduce material consumption and to efficiently use natural resources by recycling. Especially with the increasing raw material prices and energy costs in the production, the manufacturers have become increasingly expectant of maximum benefit from their plant. It is possible to increase profits by recycling waste material into the system. 

The growing environmental awareness, legal regulations and international agreements has led Governments to inspect industrial plants. As a result of this chain Recovery and Recycling has gained more importance. 

One of the biggest problems faced by the batching plants, is the problems arising from disposal and non-utilisation of grey water. 

At this point, the only system in the World that can determine the density of the grey water in real-time and feed it back to the system is CLR-S.

The CLR-S system has the ability to measure the contamination level and density in real-time, allowing 100% usage of the grey water and helps prepare the grey-fresh water mixture as defined in EN 1008, where the quality of water to be used in concrete recycling is defined.

The LCA (Liquid Contamination Analyser) inside the system is able to analyse the particles inside the grey water instantly during use and is also able to feed this information to the plant software in real time.

By using the CLR System, the water and particle amounts inside the grey water can be scientifically measured.

This way, the system is able to instantly re-calculate the amount of aggregate, water and cement to be used and form the mix according to the concrete recipe.

Since there is an automatic data transfer between CLR-S and batching plant software, all results are used by the plant PLC system in real-time.

CLR-S makes it possible to keep the water density under control at all times and also provides instantaneous reporting.

The electric panel of CLR-S is comprised of high technology components. The system can be integrated into any kind of automation system without the need of additional software or programs.

Savings achieved by utilisation of CLR-S;

-   Saving in fresh water usage

-   Saving in aggregate and cement usage

-   Elimination of waste water treatment and solid waste disposal costs.

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