Level Indicators

Level indicators are used for controlling material level in silo and hoppers.


Paddle type level indicators;

  • 24VAC, 
  • 110VAC,
  • 230VAC and 
  • 24VDC are available.

Also optional shafts up to 1000mm lenght are available.

OZB paddle type indicators offer special alloy Aluminium body, special design driveline and casing in order to increase mechanical protection features, resulting in increased service.

A rotary flag driven by, an asynchronous electric motor and gear system. The rotation is blocked during the existance of material at the point of the unit and relatively the microswitch is activated when the material at a/m point is no more existing the rotor starts to run and relative signal is created.

Aplication fields;

  1. Building chemicals, lime, styrofoam, moulding sand.         
  2. Food industry for milk powder, flour, salt etc.                     
  3. Plastic industry for plastic granules etc.                                     
  4. Cement, gypsum plant, chemical industry.                         
  5. Feed sector, etc.
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