Loading Bellows

The loading bellows are designed to guide the flow and contain the dust of bulk materials during transfer to closed or open storage areas.


A filter with fan system could also be added to collect the dust for re-use and to prevent environmental pollution.

Loading bellows with both inner and outer bellows are supplied in two different types for closed tank/silo-truck loading and for open truck loading.

Inner and outer bellows are made of flexible and pliable rubber coated PVC, which is oil repellent and resistant to general chemicals.  

Technical Information

Inlet diameter: 300mm

Max capacity: 250m3/h

Inner and Outer Bellow: Rubber coated PVC

Drive group: 0,75kW

Electric panel and push button: Optional

Filter & Fan: Without (May be separately supplied)

Limit switch for retracted and extended position: Included

Level indicator: 230VAC rotating paddle type, included

Operating temperature: Nominal -40°C/+90°C

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