Pinch Valve

Pinch valves are designed for limiting or preventing the flow of materials in pipelines. Their main feature is that there are no mechanical parts that could obstruct the material flow when the valve is in open position. 

OZB pinch valves are used during pneumatic transfer of powder or granules and they are widely utilized in food, chemicals, water treatment, cement and similar powder related industries.

The working principle of OZB pinch valves is; closing of the elastomer sleeve by blowing air between the sleeve and housing so that the powder flow is guided by the opening of the sleeve.

In addition; silotruck connection element and control board options are available.

PNV100 Pinch Valve

  • Body made of Aluminium.
  • Sleeve is abrasion resistant and made of Staltic NR-BR-SBR composition.
  • Nominal operating pressure: 4bar (max)
  • Max control pressure:6 bar
  • Pressure difference for valve closing ΔP: 1,5bar


PNVC100 silotruck connection element is made of carbon steel. They are mounted on the line before the pinch valve and directly to the valve, where it generates signals via a capacitive switch. It is supplied complete with bolt & nuts for assembly, additional flange to be used for connection & the microswitch


The control board is designed to provide external air to the system in order to open or close the pinch valve under given circumstances.

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