Pressure Relief Valves

Pressure relief valves are designed to balance the positive or negative pressure inside silos or hoppers.


Pressure relief valves work on the principle of the valve opening and letting out air in order not to damage the silo and silo top filter during material charge or discharge from the silo or hopper.

OZB pressure relief valves offer a durable thermoplastic top cover, elevated position of cover and dust rejection spring bellows to prevent blockage of the valve and carbon steel or stainless steel connection elements. Thanks to new design of the discs the life time is extremely extended.

OZB pressure relief valves can be supplied in different sizes, including 273mm and 400mm.

The parts of the relief valve that contact the material are offered as carbon steel or stainless steel.

The top cover is made of high impact resistance and flexible thermoplastic material and is designed for heavy duty applications,

The main disc is  steel covered in rubber (Max Temp. 120°C). The disc provides long service life and it is possible to scrape-clean the disc.

Vacuum disc is a steel disc covered by silicone (Max Temp. 250°C). It provides minimium sticking of material and is brushable.

Flange can be supplied in carbon steel or stainless steel.

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